Veteran/Civilian Associated Investment group

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I’m a veteran of 13 years got out in 2014. I studied business and music and met the right people. I don’t want to be the bringer of bad news. But were not in a good spot. My name is Kenneth Kelly. I have a great team and a great plan. The money will buy us our first revenue stream which is a specially designed search engine optimization. Here’s my mission statements.

Reddog association Mission: to reestablish the economy to functioning with strategic support and overall safety of our footprint during ww3 and systematic collapse (neutral/proactive strategy) Vision Have 3 major revenue streams started by us. Convention of states established. 5 human needs fulfilled Empowered individuals actively investing in the footprint.

Values: Sustained progress within community with constitutional values set forth by convention of states. Goals pay all people equally and efficiently allowing freedom of our daily lives Teamwork towards self and personal goals.

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