Trying to get my car back from Iowa

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Dear Friend,
For many people, having a car is optional. For me, it’s a complete and total necessity. Every single day I commute one hour (one way) to work in my Mitsubishi Eclipse.
Like many people, I depend on my car to get across town and get to work on time. Recently, my car has completely broken down and it’s parked at the shop – it won’t budge one inch.
My car has caused me massive financial pain recently – the total repair costs are over $12,000!
As a young man, this has completely drained my bank account and quite frankly, my enthusiasm. Car repairs have slowly but surely buried me financially. Recently, I’ve been borrowing a truck to drive to work…which is only a temporary fix.
Help Me Get Back On The Road And Get To Work On Time
These car troubles have weighed on me heavily, both financially and for work. Getting my car back on the road would mean the world for maintaining my career.
Public transportation or ride services like Uber aren’t an option for me right now because I live an hour away. Finding a new job on my side of the city could be a very tough task.
My ambition is to take care of my car, and stop this nonsense once and for all.
All the repairs have totaled roughly $12,000 out of my own pocket!
Here’s A List Of The Car Parts I’ve Had Problems With:
-Head gasket
-The entire front end of the vehicle (axels, rods struts…)
-Constant oil leaks
And much more!
If my car isn’t fixed and running properly, I fear that I might lose my job I worked so hard to get. As we all know, money troubles can be downright horrifying.
My car running great could be the difference between having a job and not having a job. I want to stay employed and stay productive.
Becoming jobless is a very slippery slope…and I’ll avoid it at all costs! No one wants to be unemployed, especially me right now.
Thank You For Helping Me Get To Work On Time!
Your support means the world to me, getting to work on time is vital. If I’m consistently late – I’ll be fired 100%. Campaigns just like this one are part of what make the modern “internet era” so special.
With your generous support, this tremendous weight can be lifted off of my shoulders.
Anyone whose had to deal with money problems can understand the tremendous pressure it brings. Stress from money and struggling to pay the bills is like a dark cloud that follows you around….
I support myself and my family with the pay checks from my job. Losing my job isn’t an option.
With your support, I’ll get my car back on the road and get to work every-single-day!
Best Regards,
Eric H
PS This experience has shown me that the “daily commute” is in fact, a blessing. Every moment I spend in my car won’t ever be taken for granted again.

I ended up moving back to Minnesota I’m trying to pick my car up in a few days so I can get back to work. As of now I’m biking 20 miles a day for work and only to find out they have no hours for me.

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