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Tragic struck Family

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We bought a plot of land in 2012 and since then we have been planning to build our house here. Because we didn’t want to rush into anything, we took a lot of time preparing the plans.

The sudden death of the mother of my wife has brought the rest of the family closer together and her father did not want to let it be taken for our dream to help. He had repeatedly emphasized that he had set aside reserves that we never saw. As a very agile 64-year-old, the diagnosis of lung cancer was a devastating surprise for everyone.

Only 2 months after the diagnosis he lost the fight against the cancer. Since his mental condition also deteriorated rapidly due to the spreading cancer, my wife hardly had enough time to say goodbye to him. Also the knowledge where he put the secret savings aside for us , was gone with him, as it was not a Bankaccount and not hidden in his Apartment.

My wife and I then fled to work, we drove our dream of our own little house forward, further increased our reserves and went to a bank to get a loan for house construction.

The loan was approved without any problems, at that time with the plan to build the house with basic covering finished. Interior work, like laying tiles, we wanted to do ourselves piece by piece.

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