The World’s Smallest All-In-One Pocket Charger & Data Transfer Set

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Digital technology has made us all more connected than ever. Cell phones, email, texting, video chat, and social media make it easier for us to communicate than ever before. Be it at work, at home, on the go and basically everywhere else. But who doesn’t know the struggle? You’re on the go, you’re running out of battery and you don’t have a suitable charger on you. Or you’re trying to transfer files between devices, but you don’t have the right cables to do so.

There are so many different ways of connecting devices to each other and charging them. Even if you had a cable on you, chances are slim that it is compatible between both devices. The amount of connector types is overwhelming: USB-A, USB-C, Micro-USB, iPhone Lightning and the list goes on. Nobody wants to carry all that bulk around!

The challenge for us at Red Radish was to solve this problem. We had the goal of creating the world’s most compact solution for charging and data transfer integrated into a single device that is perfect to take on the go. By carefully analyzing the requirements for every single standard, we optimized and reduced the size of our product to the millimeter in order to give you the most compact, beautiful and most of all practical charging – data transfer set worldwide.

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