The Truth About Pregnancy Stretch Marks

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There are many products on the market claiming to prevent pregnancy stretch marks. And many women have used these products and are willing to confirm the validity of the company’s assertions. But is it possible to prevent pregnancy stretch marks by using a magical, preventative product?


Unfortunately, it’s not that easy. Whether or not you’ll get stretch marks has more to do with your skin’s natural elasticity than any cream, oil, or lotion you may use. You might use a particular cream diligently every day during your entire pregnancy, but if your skin lacks the natural elasticity it needs to stretch as your belly grows, you will still end up with stretch marks.


Some women believe they can prevent stretch marks by carefully managing their pregnancy weight gain. They strive to gain as little weight as possible, thus minimizing how much the skin needs to stretch.


While not gaining more weight than your doctor recommends can help manage the severity of stretch marks, it does not mean you can’t get them. It is also important to remember that gaining too little weight can be as dangerous for your baby as gaining too much.


While there may not be a product or weight-gain formula that can prevent stretch marks, there are things you can do to make your skin more comfortable as it stretches. A thick cream or moisturizing oil can help you avoid itching while your belly grows. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle by exercising (as your doctor allows) and eating a proper diet can also help your skin stay healthy. Following your doctor’s recommendations on how much weight you should gain, and how quickly you should gain it, can also lessen the prominence of stretch marks.


Finally, it is important to remember that while stretch marks are an unpleasant side-effect of pregnancy, your precious baby is more than worth it.

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