Spare A Dollar Or Two And Help A Family Man Claim His Life Back

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Hello My name is Jacob and today I’m asking for your help and support. “Give and you shall receive”, they say and I’m truly hoping that the universe will compensate your good will, should you decide to help my family out.

Patrick is a father of 5 who unfortunately experienced some serious health issues that completely derailed his life as well as his family’s. Patrick recently managed to bounce back from that turmoil but during those months of inactivity, his bills piled up and now they are impossible to deal with. No matter how hard he works, days and nights, he is simply  behind on his bills and it’s getting worse and worse every day.

You see his car got totaled and he needs at least $3800 to repair it or consider getting a new one. Patrick recently got a job but he don’t even have the means of driving to and back from it. What’s worse, he’s in need of work clothing as well. On top of that, Patrick is 4 months behind on his mortgage which is another $1600 per month and to top it all off, he don’t even have the money to buy new eyeglasses for his personal sake.

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