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Superior Therapy started around 30 years ago when Summer Terry first fell in love with horses.

She put her heart and soul into barrel racing and the horses she competed with. She grew up in the saddle, studying every training method and wellness regiment when on the ground. I remember watching her do all this as her best friend. I beamed with pride then as she went amazing places on amazing horses and began transitioning into the industry.

Over the years, there was success and struggle. She spent late nights icing legs knowing she wouldn’t be able to compete the next day, prayed in the waiting room during a surgery and been the one in surgery. She lost her stallion at a young age to a fractured hock… All the setbacks and struggles that would make most people quit, she strived for more. More knowledge, more options, what was the best. Her bond with her horses is as deep and true as a lifelong friend. They aren’t just animals or pets, they are her family. They give so much and she wants to give them the best back.

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