Nyce Pack

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The innovative, flexible thermal pack that molds around any part of your body to provide easy, hands-free cold or heat therapy.

No father likes to see his child in pain. But  night after night, I would hear my daughter Haley crying; at age six she  began suffering from an ankle condition.

Each night I would run  to the freezer and then watch her struggle to hold an ice pack on her ankle. During that time I happened to be working with shaping wires on the Nyce Standz.

It dawned on me that similar wires should be applied  to all ice packs so that they could simply mold around the desired area and stay put.

I soon discovered the ice pack provided a snug fit, so comfortable that Haley  would wake up, and it was still on her ankles. At some point, I needed  to send the prototype to the manufacturer; Haley flipped out because  she had to go back to the old uncomfortable way of trying to keep an ice  pack on her ankle!

The Nyce Pack was created out of need, and I believe it is a game changer for the ice pack industry. The Nyce Pack is  something that will help provide relief to many people who find it frustrating and encumbersome using traditional ice packs, especially those with flexibility  limitations.

The Nyce Pack is a great gift for anyone who would never ask for help but could use it sometimes!

We here at Nyce Power hope it helps your loved one too!

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