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Hello Well Wishers!!!

My name is Sandy from Cairns in Queensland.  I have several years of experience with my bad health condition and it really call for alarm, so I decide to reach out for help to improve my health condition.

Here are my challenges
I suffer several years from fibromyalgia (disorder characterized by widespread musculoskeletal pain accompanied by fatigue, sleep, memory and mood issues) and chronic fatigue.

I am in constant pain, and have got to the stage where I cannot walk without being assisted.

I had go through a lot of medical treatment, but requires a lot of funding

Why I Need The Fund So Urgent
1. To buy an electric wheelchair
2. To buy an electric adjustable bed
3. To buy aids such as ramps and handles for the house
4. To make a “wheelchair friendly height” kitchen workstation

I require help with most basic things – going to the toilet, having a shower, even getting dressed.

I cannot even go and sit in the sun by myself, and if I try I’m afraid of getting stuck out there and not being able to get myself out of the sun.

An electric chair will help me regain some of my independence, so that I may go outside when I want and feel safe doing so.

I also love going to garden, and I have not been able to do so for such a long time. Having the wheelchair will allow me to do so once again.

I cannot sleep laying down, so I have a lot of trouble finding a comfortable position to sleep. An adjustable bed will help me find a position so as I am not in pain, and actually have a painfree good night’s sleep – of which I have not had in many years.

My partner, who cares for me, has had their work wage cut in half, so any chance we may have had of buying the chair and bed has now gone on hold, as we have just enough money now for rent and food.

Because of my illness, I look unwell, and this has also lowered my self esteem.

Other Ways You Can Help
I know most of people viewing this campaign don’t have the privilege to fund this campaign but they have a good mind, I really appreciate you, you can also help by sharing this campaign on your social networks, friends and families, relative and others

Am sure your effort to improve my health condition won’t be in vain, I really need this fund urgently in order to easily get all the required material to improve my health

May God Reward Your Passion!

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