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Sy was sitting in his home on the night of 9/18/17 in Houston, Texas on a personal desktop computer with over 40GB of his own personal data in a connected USB flash drive one moment. The next thing Sy knows is that the data had been completely wiped out in a second and the USB flash drive simply appears as empty on the screen.

Earlier on that same day at his employer at the time, Sy’s car was broken into and some items such as a phone charger were stolen. Further, an attempt to plant false evidence in the vehicle also occurred. This may sound blasphemous and ludicrous. As Sy’s employer was at least somewhat funded by state-funds or tax-payer dollars, could tax-payer dollars have been used to fund criminal acts?

With such a blatant act of cybertheft and sabotage happening in Texas, Sy was seeking a more secure location elsewhere. Sy left Houston by car a couple of days later only for a group of “goons” to “tail” or follow him across in state of Texas. This group possessed sophisticated means to technologically harass Sy.

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