He’s Lived In Their Shoes: Artist Tysen Knight Is A Man Of The People!

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Famed artist and filmmaker Tysen Knight found himself homeless and living on the streets years ago, but with hard work while following his passion in the arts, he overcame many obstacles and is now one of the most recognized Urban Pop artists.

But rising to fame hasn’t been Tysen’s only goal in life. Now that he’s “made it”, Tysen has used his platform to help give back. Whether it be working with organizations like Habitat for Humanity to build homes for the less fortunate, prepare meals alongside the Midnight Mission and hand them out to the homeless, or mentor young ‘troubled’ kids at no cost who was to pursue the arts, Tysen is just doing what he wished others would have done for him back in the day.

We sat down with the incredible Tysen Knight to dive a bit deeper into his charity mindset, and why giving back based on his experiences is something he is all about!

  1. Why are you passionate about charity and giving back?

Giving back and charity is the foundation for a productive society. I have been giving a beautiful talent and it would be a travesty too withhold that from the world. My passion is to share my blessings and inspire others to do the same. It’s not about how much fortune I can gain for myself as much as how I can change lives with my fortune.

  1. What foundations are near and dear to your heart these days and why?

Homelessness and working with troubled teens. These two causes are near and dear to me and my life’s purpose. I understand these individuals far better than most people because I was once in their shoes.

  1. Being homeless yourself at one point in your life, what would you say to others who walk by homeless people each day?

Don’t be so quick to judge a person’s circumstances in life. Some of my most meaningful conversations are with homeless people. Be kind and just have a decent human exchange, you will be surprised by the results. We all want to heard and appreciated #PayitForward!

  1. As you grow in popularity, your platform grows too. Why do you feel it’s important for not just yourself, but other artists, filmmakers, etc. to work alongside non-profits?

The importance in working with non-profits is to get involved in your community. As I grow in popularity I am blessed with a bigger voice to impact change. Being a voice for the unheard is the most important step toward positive results in the community.

  1. What is your ultimate goal for the future?

My future goals is to create a free art gallery space and housing units. This will serve the underprivileged community with a safe space to build confidence and learn about the arts. Enriching the mind, body and soul, and at the same time helping individuals channel their creative and passionate pursuits in life.

  1. Where can your fans see your art next?

My next show will be in South Florida for Red Dot Miami ”Art Basel Weekend” in the beautiful Wynwood Art District Dec 4th – 8th. I will be unveiling my ”Icon Series” collection. For more info on upcoming shows visit:

  1. Anything else on the charity front you want to add?

I know we all have busy schedules and lives, but let’s all make an effort to give back whenever possible, every little bit helps. Make sure to be kind and always #BeInspired!

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