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We would like to tell you about Evan Krueger, and his most recent journey.  Evan is an incredibly intelligent, and loving 7-year-old boy whom was originally from Nebraska (Go Big Red!!), and has been a resident of Iowa since moving to Roland, IA in December of 2016, then finally on a farm between Haverhill and Marshalltown since June of 2018.

Evan attends Hoglan Elementary School in 2nd grade.  He has two older sisters.  Paige who is 9-years-old and also attends Hoglan Elementary, and Kaylee who is 12-years-old and attends Miller Middle School.  Evan is also a huge animal lover! He pours his heart out to both dogs and cats alike, and has a special love for Giraffes.

Evan has a smile and laugh that will warm any room!  He is extremely loving, kind, and considerate of everyone he meets and/or spends time with.  Evan loves to play with friends and with his sisters as much as possible.  Also he loves gaming!  Anything from Minecraft to Rocket League and countless RoBlox games in-between.  Along with playing games directly he enjoy watching several different streamers / content-creators on YouTube.  In-fact that is one of his goals / passions: to be able to begin live-streaming on YouTube or Twitch while playing games.

When not playing games, watching games, or playing with his sisters, Evan enjoys children’s action movies and cartoons.  His favorites being The Avengers (mainly Spider-Man & Thor), as well as Sponge Bob Square Pants.

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