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Clyde Richmond aka Pepsi is 52 years old and grew up in the countryside of Guyana, South America. From a young age he loved fishing and farming, after finishing High School he became a Farmer working towards achieving a better life for himself and family.

Unfortunately life took an unexpected turn for the worst in the year 2000, due to an accident that left him handicap. After many surgeries to repair both of his legs that were broken in several places and countless therapies, Pepsi has one hand and unable to use his legs without the support of a clutch.

His mother passed away one year after the accident and his father soon after. Due to his condition that required constant attention all his relatives disowned him. Unable to work and no one to support him, Pepsi became homeless and with no other choice start begging on the streets to sustain himself. Twelve years ago he met a couple he call his Guardian Angels (Indra & Navin).

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