Help Chef Marquis’ Food Creations Go Public!

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Chef Marquis is FINALLY bringing his unique and flavorful creations to the public!!! This campaign is to launch Chef’s services into the public eye in a multi-facet capacity. The immediate goal of the campaign is the purchase a food truck to extend the reach of Chef Marquis’ catering services to Atlanta, GA and surrounding areas including NC, AL, and SC. The average cost of a  fully equipped food truck is between $40,000-$70,000. Chef’s vision is to offer creative, innovative, one of a kind food offerings that are affordable and currently not available in the Atlanta area. With a fine dining background, Chef Marquis’ vision is exquisite foods, at excellent prices! The concept has proven success in the private sector with more and more guests tasting his foods, recommending Chef’s talents go public! With hopes of a successful campaign, Chef also plans to continue to grow his craft hot sauce and wing sauce business to a much wider reach across the United States by opening a true Gastro Pub with a heavy focus on one of a kind wings, tasty Vegan Creations, tacos, fresh seafood creations and fun foods with emphasis on FUN! We are humbly asking for support to get these plans in full motion as soon as possible!

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