Godfrey Flax Finds The Fun In Giving Back!

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Comedian, musician and actor Godfrey Flax has seen his star rise over the past couple years, but even as he becomes more popular with fans, his heart and need to give back to various charities has not faded away.

We spoke with Mr. Flax to find out all about why giving back is truly important to him as an artist and person…

  1. Why are you passionate about charity and giving back?

I’ve lived a privileged life. My family never struggled financially and I believe that anyone who has the means to help others has a moral obligation to do it.

  1. You have lost several people close to you to cancer. What cancer foundations are near and dear to your heart these days?

Yes, I have lost many friends and family to cancer and I am supportive of any charities that work to benefit cancer research. I don’t want to come across as saying some are better than others but I find that any institution working with children is very important; This would include places such as the Childhood Leukemia Foundation. There is nothing worse than a young life lost without being given the chance to flourish.

  1. You also support various addiction-related organizations. Why is this subject one you are passionate in supporting and bringing awareness to?

I come from a family that struggled through the problem of addiction. I spent time in my childhood attending various NA and AA meetings and have learned a lot from these people. These people are a part of my family as well. I love these people, they have fought and are fighting so hard to better themselves in a society that tends to forget about them. I support them wholeheartedly.

  1. As you grow in popularity, your platform grows too. Why do you feel it’s important for not just yourself, but other actors and comedian to work alongside non-profits?

If there is anyone looking at the things that I am doing or anyone else is doing, it is important for us to support something. You’re not helping anyone by just posting a picture of your shoe collection, but someone might see a picture of you feeding the homeless or tutoring children and think about doing it themselves. If only one person has that reaction, it is worth a thousand photos.

  1. What is your ultimate goal for the future?

I want to help people through my art. I think that is the most important thing I can do. I know I won’t feel fulfilled if I haven’t helped better someone or society through my work, no matter how small.

  1. Where can your fans catch you next?

I’ve got some music coming out on my YouTube channel soon. I hope everyone enjoys it, I so far have one track set for upload and several songs that are set to be recorded. I am also workshopping a script with some people and we will see where that goes.

  1. Anything else on the charity front you want to add?

I don’t know how many people are aware of Freedom University, but it is probably one of the most important organizations in the United States and could definitely benefit from donations. It is a school in Atlanta that provides college-prep courses to undocumented youth. They hold the belief that everyone has a right to an education and are seeing to it that these kids get that. If anyone is interested they have an incredible website with videos and explanations on all the great things that they do, and once your on their site you might as well donate. Remember, every cent makes a difference!

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