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Four Great Things About the iPhone 7

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Since its release, the iPhone 7 has received some negative press for not having a headphone jack, and a perceived lack of major upgrades. But, this downbeat coverage doesn’t mean Apple’s newest phone isn’t an amazing piece of technology. Some of the biggest advantages of the iPhone 7 have been overlooked or forgotten — here are four ways that this new version of the iPhone particularly excels.

  1. An improved camera. The updated cameras on the iPhone 7 let in more light than did previous versions, improving picture taking in dim environments — especially since the iPhone’s flash is now 50% stronger. Both front and rear cameras also offer optical image stabilization, which greatly improves image quality when the subject is moving. These are the sort of upgrades which are noticeable to even the most casual camera users. In addition, the iPhone 7 Plus comes with dual rear cameras, allowing for 2x optical zoom. In practical terms, this feature means image quality degrades less when the camera is zoomed in.
  2. Water resistance. Water damage can completely ruin a phone, so the iPhone 7’s ability to be splash and water resistant is a great asset. This new iPhone can even survive full submersion in water — though this certainly isn’t the sort of feature a consumer should rush to test. To help avoid damage, the iPhone 7 has a feature to automatically warn users if any moisture is detected in the handset.
  3. Better audio. While it’s true that the iPhone 7 doesn’t have an audio jack, that doesn’t mean the listening experience on the phone hasn’t been enhanced in some significant ways. The iPhone 7 features stereo speakers capable of providing much higher quality sound than was available on previous iterations of the phone. The maximum volume on the built-in speakers has also been doubled. If the lack of audio jack can be ignored, the sound on the newest iPhone has definitely been improved. Plus, headphones can still be used, via either the included adapter, or by using headphones with Bluetooth.
  4. Speed. The iPhone 7 is significantly faster than both older iPhones and most of it primary available competitors (such as phones running the Android OS). The 7’s new processor, the A10 Fusion, provides a major boost in power, allowing for quicker, improved functionality, especially when the phone is running intensive advanced software or games.

Clearly, Apple’s most recent iPhone is still a remarkable product, with much to offer consumers. The hype might not be quite as large as it has been in the past, but that doesn’t mean the iPhone 7 doesn’t measure up.

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