Fiancé suffered an anoxic brain injury

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My partner Tiffany Frechette has been in ICU since Thursday evening May 9th, 2019. Her heart had stopped and she was without oxygen for at least 12-15 minutes. Upon being brought back, CT scans and MRI’s reveal she is now suffering from a severe brain injury and is in a coma. Words cannot describe the effect that this has had on the family and I. We are devastated. To make matters worse, due to the technicalities of healthcare coverage that Tiffany has, only a portion of her medical fees will be covered. This includes the fees she incurs during her time in the hospital, and if things go well, for aftercare and rehabilitation. That’s why as her partner of six years, I’m making a plea. If you can spare any financial support at all, even a dollar, it will help offset the cost of her recovery. Tiffany is a vibrant, educated, beautiful, young women. She has dreams of helping people as she was perusing her career. Always having a huge heart for others, always giving when she didn’t have herself…Tiffany is that light an angel to most. Thank you for taking the time to read this and consider supporting Tiffany. If you believe in a higher power of any kind, please keep her in your prayers.

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