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In January of 2019 police arrested Yuichiro Kurihara on suspicion of assaulting his 10-year-old daughter Mia, whose body was found with several bruises on it.

Mia Kurihara, who died in January following a series of alleged assaults by her own father, was released from protective custody despite suspicion that her father had sexually and physically abused her.

The 10-year-old girl had told child welfare center officials during interviews in 2017 that her father had woken her up at night and pulled her pants down. She said her underwear had also slipped down, and that when she told him to stop and pulled her pants up Kurihara threatened her.

During the interviews, which were conducted while she was in protective custody at the child welfare center, Mia also gave accounts of physical abuse by her father, such as him covering her mouth and nose with his hands while she was asleep.

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