Emergency Relocation

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It appears life is always full of little surprises.  Fortunately, throughout my 74 years I have been able to cope with all of those surprises one way or another until the one that faces me now.

We have been living in a 3 bedroom house in Fort Lauderdale Florida for the past 15 years with my spouse, 2 dogs, and 1 cat quite comfortably.  About 6 months ago we discovered a wood support beam in the living room was about to collapse.  When our landlord had a construction company come and evaluate the situation they reported that termites had destroyed the beam, several of the rafters and a large percentage of the studs in the walls.  The landlord had a company come and replace the support beam but he could not have the other work done until he arranged the funds to pay for it.  He is now ready to proceed.

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