Blockchain Router – Decentralized internet is here!

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While it’s extremely hard for a non-technical person to remain anonymous and protected online, we are presenting a Blockchain Router, your plug-n-play solution. Read the full story!

All features are very simple to setup and manage:

  • VPN. Save yourself $120 on the VPN subscription: 1st year of the high speed RESIDENTIAL (no data centers!) VPN is free to all backers! Watch movies, listen to the music, stay private. You will not be blocked by any websites. You are now spending only $79 on the hardware after this huge saving*.
  • Automatic built-in VPN inside the router. Now you can easily connect all devices in your household to the Blockchain Router, which is connected to one single VPN account. And you are saving again, no more multiple VPN subscriptions to the overpriced services.
  •  Proxy. Router will provide you with the option to connect to one of the VPN exit nodes via proxy of your choice: HTTP(s), Socks-5, and SSH. Residential. Attached to your VPN account, so it’s also free for the first year.
  •  Internet 3.0. Router will connect your devices to the Web 3.0 (decentralized internet of the future) using IPFS, access ENS sites (.eth domain zone), and SWARM!
  •  Blockchain Email. Router will provide you with the most secure email in the world – it will be hosted right on your own Blockchain Router. Just connect a Thumb Drive or a Hard Drive and store your information right there. No one can access it, but you. Extremely simple setup process will help you to create a regular or a blockchain-based (your_email@some_website.eth) email address. If you ever feel threatened – simply unplug your storage device from the router. Be in possession of your own information.
  •  Advanced Firewall.  Router will protect you, your family, and your home devices with the advanced firewall features.


Read the full story!

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