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5 Vital Social Media Rules Small Businesses Should Follow

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Wondering how to make social media work for your small business? It’s a matter of learning what tricks are available to you and how to incorporate them into your marketing campaign. From knowing what and when to post to encouraging your customers to pitch in and help, here are five rules your small business should follow to make social media work for you.

Know When to Post on Social Media

Some people think that social media is a do-it-when-you-have-a-free-moment kind of process. However, they’d be wrong. Without consistency when it comes to posting times as well as content, you could very well lose your audience.

Your readers come to expect to hear from you; that’s why some experts recommend posting 10 times a week. Additionally, they suggest sharing other content five times a week, posting your own original content three times a week, and getting more personal two times a week.

Additionally, keep in mind that the less people want to be at work, the more time they spend on social media. That means Mondays through Wednesdays are the lowest yield days for posting new content.

Learn What Works Best on Social Media

A number of recent posts offer insight into what social media trends experts expect to see more of in 2016. Here are a three that you might want to consider:

  • In-the-moment. This merely means something that is trending right now. Social media sites such as Twitter and Snapchat have this down to a science. Combine in-the-moment with video and you get the broadcast tool Periscope.
  • Native social media ads. In a sentence, when you integrate ads into a user’s feed it can be difficult to distinguish from organic content. Certain brands, such as Forbes and Gap International, have figured out how to do it well. They create business pieces together that read like other sections of the Forbes site.
  • Podcasting. Briefly, when you record episodes and provide them to users in the form of an audio MP3, that’s podcasting. Viewers may download the podcast from your business website or through a service like iTunes. It’s great for visitors who would prefer to hear, rather than read.

To do social media right requires you to stay abreast of what’s currently trending.

Share Knowledge via Social Media

Social media is not just about sharing fluff. Your goal as a business professional is to guide your readers. Offer your insights on your products and services, show how your brand fits in with the world today, and let readers know what the future holds.

Every businessperson’s goal should be to provide readers with knowledge in an interesting, easy to follow format. It will keep them coming back to learn more.

Use Every Social Media Tool Available

Social media is not just about getting people to “like” you on Facebook. Although offering social media buttons on your website is smart. However, you need to expand beyond this. Here are a few favorite ideas:

  • Create a call to action that links to your website using buttons in Facebook advertising.
  • Find and use the right hashtags in Twitter feeds. The right ones are those that are memorable, in the moment, and linked to your marketing campaign.
  • For an easy way to edit your pictures without investing in additional software, use PicMonkey on Pinterest.
  • Consider Typeform to design and compile online surveys that allow you to ask questions easily.

Obviously, there are other social media tools you might choose to incorporate into your marketing plan; whatever you can do to make it easier for you and your team.

Encourage Customers to Market Your Business

A 2013 Dimensional Research survey suggests that 90 percent of respondents claimed a positive online review influenced their buying decision. This suggests there’s power in positive feedback. That’s where your current customers can help.

One of the best ways to market your small business is through the people who know the great job you do and the wonderful products and services you offer. Encourage them to leave comments, write reviews, and provide testimonials in order to harness that word-of-mouth power.

Make your small business a social media success by knowing what and when to post. Then by incorporating the right tools and asking for assistance from your loyal customers, you can make social media work for you.

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